Do not follow the leader. Become part of the Swarm.

Sapient Predictive Analytics Pte Ltd provides cutting-edge data science services, predictive analytics and related software. We utilize our proprietary decision-making tool SapientSwarm and constantly improve prediction accuracy through our community of forecasters. Our process is inspired by opportunistic schooling behaviour of certain predatory fish species such as barracudas as a model for human cooperation. This technology brings out the best aspects of the ‘Wisdom of Crowds’ using gamification and a wiki-like community - each human participant filling in the gaps of knowledge other group members may have. This enables us to come up with truly "sapient" forecasts about both the near future, like stock and commodity price movements, or trends over the longer term, such as in clean technology or geopolitics.

It is our mission to change the way we all trade, invest and save for retirement, moving away from an agent-based system that has failed grassroots investors to a community-based approach where the best skills are constantly challenged and put in the service of the common good. We provide community training and pre-session briefings, enabling teams or groups of various sizes to tap into the collective knowledge. Our swarms are surprisingly flexible and irreverent to popular opinion. A transparent chat exchange and anonymous voting fosters critical thinking and leverages the opinion of unconventional thinkers and mavericks while maintaining checks and balances of the whole group.

Human Swarming - An Emerging Technology.

Research and some high profile cases of exceptional accuracy have shown the enormous potential of 'human swarming'. More important than just enabling a group of participants to display real-time group-wise intent is the process from asking the right question all the way through putting the answer into a probabilistic framework appropriate to the decision to be taken. That is the reason we believe human decision making deserves the same attention as the supporting technology, and an information society is the result of human advancement more than any technological contribution. We put a lot of effort into selecting, preparing and coaching our swarm participants.

  • Swarm selection.

  • Participant training.

  • Briefing and questionnaire.

  • Swarm session.

  • Proprietary algorithms and calibration.

  • Recommend action.

Human wisdom.
Powered by machine precision.

Groups have tremendous knowledge. Most of this knowledge is usually wasted in meetings, where hierarchical thinking and lack of coordination prevent members from sharing information. Swarms allow divese but like-minded groups to tap into the vast total wisdom and approach prescience by slowing building on the right questions and exploring what motivates each answer.

Excerpt from Wikipedia: Designed as an optimized method for unleashing the wisdom of crowds, Human Swarming implements real-time feedback loops around synchronous groups of users with the goal of achieving more accurate insights from fewer numbers of users. This process is modelled after biological processes in birds, fish, and insects, and is enabled among networked users by using mediating software. Such real-time control systems enable groups of human participants to behave as a unified collective intelligence. Groups of distributed users can collectively answer questions, generate ideas, and make predictions as a singular emergent entity.

Early testing shows that human swarms can out-predict individuals across a variety of real-world projections. Enabled by mediating software, networks of distributed users can be organized into "human swarms" through the implementation of real-time closed-loop control systems. Such real-time systems enable groups of human participants to behave as a unified collective intelligence that works as a single entity to make predictions, answer questions, and evoke opinions.

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Are you interested to see how the insights of Human Swarming can help your investments? We would love to welcome you to one of our swarms, so you can see the process for yourself.