Crypto Trading Swarm

A new kind of forecast for a new kind of currency

Powerful tools for active traders.

Cryptocurrencies are seen by its supporters as the future of financial transaction and have been referred to as 'the internet of value'. To navigate the considerable volatility and the rise and fall of 'altcoins' and their price relative to BTC and ETH, human ingenuity is more important than historical data and trading patterns, which often do not go back more than a few months

Our SapientSwarm software provides groups of traders with price forecasts ranging from a few hours to several weeks and are especially useful for analysing crypto-to-crypto pairs.

More than just up or down.

Given the array of cryptocurrency in the space, our SapientSwarm can shortlist pairs-in-play using a variety of sources from our machine learning tools. ICO rating sites, developer team, white paper or social media data cannot provide a full picture of a particular cryptocurrency. Synchronous human collaboration is a particularly effective way to pick up the warning signs that a hot coin or token has overshot its mark. In addition to the right trading pair, our SapientSwarm can come up with the right trading size and confidence level for putting on your trades giving you control over risk and reward.

  • Meet likeminded crypto traders and hedgers.
  • Explore which developments and news matter, and which don't.
  • Get real time, proprietary feedback and act accordingly.
  • Don't follow others because they had a good run, be part of a collective intelligence.