Building Smarter Portfolios

Compounding small improvements creates transformative outperformance while remaining 'under the radar'.

Activist Algorithms?

The stock market is a self-reflexive 'beauty contest' and vital for the functioning of our economy. Human managers have received a bad reputation for their greed and self-deception. Over the next five years or so, more than half of all investment is believed to become 'passive'. But automated trading, optimized on historical properties and unaware of the market impact of itself and its kind, is unlikely to do any better. We hope that forming a community of shared knowledge and collective wisdom can be part of a 'hybrid' alternative. Where machines help humans and humans supervise machines. Where we develop new mechanisms for oversight and risk management and tap into the vast, still unused potential of the wisdom of the many.

Recent development in blockchain technology, open source systems and the sharing economy give us hope that the time has come for a new way.